Population information

Nom ordre Anseriformes
Nom famille Anatidae
Nom scientifique Anser fabalis Nom courant Bean Goose
Nom population serrirostris, Central & Eastern Siberia
Aire de reproduction Taymyr to E Chukotka (excl. Kamchatka) Aire de non-reproduction E China, Korean peninsula
Catégorie de la Liste Rouge Least Concern
Regions Ramsar Asia
Notes In WPE4 this pop belonged to a single pop of serrirostris. After WPE5 this population was split into the serrirostris, China (non-bre) and serrirostris, Korea (non-bre) populations.

Réseau de conservation

Réseau de conservation Notes
EAAF Partnership

Taille de population

Publication Start year End year Minimum Maximum Estimate quality Notes References Actions
WPE 5 2010 2010 80,000 150,000 Expert opinion [S7761]

Population trends

Publication Start year End year Trend Trend quality Notes References Actions
WPE 5 0 0 DEC No quality assessment

Population 1% level

Publication Yearset 1 percent Note
WPE 5 2012 1100



  • S7761 - population division see Syroechkovsky 2006. Korean population is estimated at 40,000 by Kurechi.

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